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 Welcome to the Spirit of Paris - our quick travel guide from Spirit of Remembrance to this wonderful city! Here you will find great up to date information on the ‘City of Love’ - Paris - including things to see and do, shopping, sightseeing, a huge choice of well priced Paris accommodation & show options, tour information & bookings, and even a suggested "mini-itinerary" for your stay in Paris.

Our guide is specifically designed for passengers travelling with Spirit of Remembrance requiring pre or post battlefield tour accommodation and sightseeing in Paris, or those just wishing to spend a few days in this beautiful city and you only have a limited amount of time to explore Paris. And, even if you plan to stay longer, what better way to introduce yourself to Paris than with a few days sightseeing?

Some people say Paris has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' ('I don't know what') - and they say that because words fail them. Paris can be romantic, historic, enchanting, hectic, magical, frustrating, dynamic and relaxing... it is, quite simply, a fantastic city.

Yes, the icons make it special - the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre, the Seine, Notre Dame and so on - but it's the atmosphere and the Parisiens that make it so much more memorable.

According to the French, everything poisons you, so why not embrace everything with vigour while you're here - wine, women, song, rich sauces, tobacco, conversation - whatever! Life is for enjoying - joie de vivre!

Currency- What your dollar is worth
All prices in Paris are In Euros (1 Euro equals = 73 British pence, 1.43 Australian dollars, 1.40 Canadian Dollars and 1.12 US Dollars as at 01 March 2015.

A couple of Tips for Visitors: The French have long endured a reputation for arrogance. However this is usually the tourist's fault for showing a lack of manners. By and large, the French (and Parisiens!) are reasonably polite, helpful, multi lingual - (speaking good English) and now have, dare we say, in the main better customer service skills than their British counterparts...

However, while most Parisiens now speak English, all it takes is a couple of pleasantries 'en Francaise' to break the ice. Imagine French tourists in Sydney, New York or London  trying to get by only speaking French. Surely they too would return home thinking the inhabitants were unfriendly and unhelpful. This is not to say you need a crash course in French - but a simple 'bonjour', 'merci' or 'au revoir' can speak volumes, especially when out shopping. It is customary to greet a shop owner when you walk into his/her shop. To browse without saying 'hello' is rude.

Shaking hands is customary when meeting someone and, once familiar, a fleeting peck on each cheek is the norm, and if you are really European hip, a third "air kiss" to the cheek...

The other quick tip is to mind how you cross the road. To the French, roads belong to cars and, once having crossed, mind how you cross the footpath - even with fines of up to 400 eu the locals are still tardy in picking up their pooches doggydoos. With one dog for every 7 Parisians, dogs seem to be everywhere in Paris, especially small dogs (handbag sized) who are pretty much allowed everywhere including restaurants! However, the French have become much better about cleaning up their pets ‘les crottes de chien’ in recent years, but watch where you walk!

And, just before you go. Here’s a must read book if you have the baggage allowance and the ready cash.. “The Art and Spirit of Paris”  and of course - our favourite... The “Spirit of Paris” from the amazing, beautiful hidden Grevin Theatre, a jewel of an Italian style theatre. 1 Word. Go!

So, Bienvenue a’ Paris! If you require any assistance in planning your stay in Paris that we do not cover in this ’mini’ travel and accommodation booking guide, please contact us!

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